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Adventist Health Cancer Care Center

Serving Chico with personalized cancer care

Your community leaders in cancer care

There are many reasons you want to stay near to home when you’re undergoing cancer treatment. That’s why we’ve partnered with UC Davis Cancer Care Network to offer great cancer treatment close to you.

At our cancer care center in Chico, you’ll receive personalized care and multi-disciplinary treatment planning that’s right for you. Our provider team has long been recognized as the premier physician team in the region. In addition to their compassion and skill, Adventist Health’s partnership with UC Davis Cancer Care Network provides you with the most up-to-date and effective cancer care in our community.

Affiliation with UC Davis Health Cancer Care Network

Through the partnership, Adventist Health providers and patients will have access to UC Davis’ clinical trials and their cases will be discussed during virtual tumor board meetings with oncologists, pathologists, surgeons and other cancer experts, thus allowing patients to receive the benefits of both teams working together.

A growing list of oncology services, all close to home

The Cancer Care Center offers office visits. Full non-chemotherapy infusion and chemotherapy services will begin shortly. Radiation treatment can be seamlessly coordinated at the Adventist Health and Rideout Cancer Care Center in Marysville.

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