Inaugural Residency Research Symposium Overflows With Knowledge

Mar 19, 2024


Knowledge spilled into a courtyard and hallways at Adventist Health Hanford on Monday afternoon for the inaugural Central California Residency Research Symposium.

Dr. Raul Ayala roamed the four rows of tables and walls, admiring the residents' poster boards of research. He serves as the Designated Institutional Official for the program. Dr. Ayala believes this event is crucial to future collaboration and the success of healthcare in our area.

“You can feel the energy in the room.” Dr. Ayala said. “Everyone wants to present. Clinical case studies, care transformation, and unique cases represent our residency programs in Central California. Getting our neighboring colleagues of the federally qualified health centers and health systems to come together to present our yearlong to three-yearlong research is a big achievement.”

Program Director Dr. Muhammad Kahn had a high bar for the residents coming into this event. He expected around 25 poster boards to fill the room. The residents blew past that mark as 54 poster boards were made. “I have not seen this many at a local symposium or expo,” Dr. Kahn said. “54 posters are a lot of work. It deserves a lot of celebration and applause.”
As the Research Faculty, Dr. Gay Sammons wanted to create a low-stress environment for residents presenting. As she admired each poster board, many residents credited the positive atmosphere to the symposium's success.


“Conferences like this cause people to think critically, which leads to better patient care and changes the world,” Dr. Sammons said. “The medical students and the residents will go away changed today, having learned so much new information.”

After a successful inaugural symposium, there is one thing the leadership team is already thinking about.
“We will need more room for the next one,” Dr. Ayala said.