Myth Busters: The truth about Flu Vaccines

Sep 6, 2023


Often, there can be uncertainty and confusion when it comes to flu vaccines and the best course of action for adults and children. Listen to our experts as they clear up the most common myths about flu vaccines!

Here, we clear up myths about vaccines so you can go to your next appointment knowing that you’re making the right choice for yourself, family and children.

Myth 1: If I've already had the flu, I don't need a vaccine.
Myth 2: Influenza is not serious, so I don't need the vaccine!
Myth 3: I had the vaccine and still got the flu. Vaccines do not work!
Myth 4: I am pregnant so I should not get the flu vaccine.
Myth 5: Vaccines cause autism.
Myth 6: I'm healthy, so if I got influenza, I'll be fine!