Adventist Health and Rideout Honors Aug. 2023 BE Award Recipients

Sep 8, 2023

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Aug. 2023 BE Award Winners

The BE award recognizes associates who exemplify Adventist Health "BE" statements (Be Love, Be a Force for Food, Be a Mission Owner, Be Welcoming, Be Curious, Be Brilliant). All Adventist Health and Rideout associates at the hospital, outpatient clinics and skilled nursing facility are eligible for nomination.

Here are the BE Award recipients for Aug. 2023:

BE Award Recipient: Jennifer White

Jennifer White

Department: Community Outreach

Nominated By: Melissa Soares

BE Statement: Be a Force for Good

Melissa Soares: “Jennifer, registered dietitian, has been with the Community Outreach team since Feb. 2023 and has made great accomplishments in just a few months. While juggling the day-to-day tasks that accompany operating the Food Security program, Jennifer also dedicated her time and efforts to bringing a certified farmers' market back to Marysville. Marysville has been lacking a certified farmers' market for five years until Jennifer came along and changed that.

“The farmers' market brings local farmers together to offer fresh produce to our community which directly impacts the entire community for the better. Jennifer was courageous and took action the moment she joined Adventist Health and Rideout to make this happen. Thanks to Jennifer, Adventist Health Rideout employees and Yuba Sutter community members now have increased access to fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables promoting healthier eating, healthier lifestyles, and overall improved wellbeing.”

BE Award Recipient: Jennifer Blancett

Jennifer Blancett

Department: ENT Clinic

Nominated By: Jessica McClain

BE Statement: Be Curious

Jessica McClain: “Jennifer is absolutely wonderful to work with! She always goes out of her way to find out any information needed when a patient is requesting to go to a specific location or also knowing exactly where they can and cannot go based on their particular insurance. When patients have questions regarding their insurance or referral, she either has the answer or goes out of her way to find the answer and notifies the patient very quickly. Patient care is always her first priority, and she shows that every day at work!”

BE Award Recipient (Physician Category): Dr. Paul Bains

Dr. Paul Bains

Nominated By: Romi Uppal

BE Phrase: Be a Mission Owner

Romi Uppal: “Dr. Bains is amazing, and we are lucky to have him working for us here at Adventist Health Rideout. He is so compassionate and has a loving way of speaking to patients of all ages. He spends time with his patients and families explaining their illness and their treatment plan. No matter how busy he is, he will always make time to come see them and speak to them. I know for a fact he puts in his whole heart in serving our patients.

"The nurses and all staff have such respect for him. I have witnessed this in family conferences that I have sat in with him and I can tell you in all my years here and all the conferences I sat in, he is by far the best. Families are so appreciative of him. Dr. Bains always strives to give the best quality care to each and every patient he has. He is very detail oriented. He will even take the time and educate staff so we can learn and grow. That way we can provide the best care and that speaks volumes for Adventist Health and Rideout and its reputation.”

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