2023 Rising Star: Phoenix Safley, LPN

Jun 20, 2023


Phoenix Safley, LPN, has earned the distinction of Adventist Health Portland 2023 Rising Star. This annual award is given to a nurse who embraces new challenges, seeks opportunities to add skills and experiences to their portfolio, and deeply embraces our mission and values.

In her work in the nursing float pool, Phoenix has covered many roles as needed — nurse, CNA, staffer, even unit secretary. “She has a powerful insight into the flow of patients/units and offers me suggestions to fill the various needs,” says one of her colleagues. “I have great admiration and trust for Phoenix. She teaches me how one should be and reminds me what the excitement of being a new nurse feels like.”

Phoenix’s teammates call her a superstar at anything she does, including how she carries forward the Adventist Health mission to her patients. “Phoenix exemplifies kindness at the bedside, taking charge and making sure patients are heard and well taken care of,” says a co-worker.

While Phoenix rapidly changes hats to support her team, she is known as a role model of continuous learning and collaboration. This is what makes her an ideal Rising Star. As one fellow nurse explains, “I love to teach Phoenix nursing, but I also love to be taught by Phoenix. The nursing profession is so lucky to have her. I am blessed to work beside her.”