What to Expect at Your Teenager’s Check-Ups

Apr 26, 2023


You may still schedule their appointments and drive them to the medical office, but you can encourage your teenager to begin managing their own health and wellness. That can start with your son or daughter’s annual check-ups.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you work as a team with your provider and teen to ensure a healthy future.

It’s normal to be asked to leave the room

As a parent, you will have a chance to tell the provider any concerns and ask questions. Then the provider will have the opportunity to talk to your teenager confidentially.

Legally in the states where Adventist Health provides outpatient care, many healthcare conversations between your teen and their provider are private unless your teenager wishes to share with you. Teenagers are always encouraged to share with their parents, but do not always choose to do so.

The provider will have an open conversation with your teen

As you know, it’s important for your teen to be honest with their healthcare provider – the doctor is trained to help! Some things your provider may talk about with your teen are:

  • Safety, like wearing a seatbelt, using sunscreen and driving safely
  • Social pressures, like drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Sexual activity, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HPV, and pregnancy and pregnancy prevention
  • Mental health, including depression, anxiety and managing stress
  • Social media safety and making wise choices online

Encourage your teen to write down any questions they may have for the healthcare provider ahead of the appointment. It’s a great way for them to be proactive about their care.

Open communication is key

Even if you’re not in the room anymore for your child’s appointments, you can still keep an open line of communication with them about any and all topics related to their health.

When youth feel safe and supported in their healthcare needs and choices, they have better health outcomes. That’s why having a trusted healthcare provider at your family’s side is always a good idea. 

Find a healthcare provider for your teen.