How to make a summer family activities list

May 28, 2022


Some of life’s best moments happen during the summer months, including family fun. One way to make the season more memorable is to create a family activity list.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of summer left to plan and act on your list. Follow our tips below to make it happen.

Why it matters

Setting a family activity list is a great way to stave off boredom, bond as a family and get everyone moving.

Plus, making a list can also help motivate every family member to be more physically active. Remember: Adults need two and a half hours of weekly physical activity and kids need an hour a day. So try to include some list items that encourage movement.

Putting your plan into action

While there’s certainly nothing wrong making it up as you go, you’ll move from ideas to actions better if you engage in some thoughtful planning.

To start, brainstorm ideas with your partner. The two of you can prioritize what you think will work best before asking the kiddos for their ideas—odds are they’ll have plenty!

Crowdsourcing ideas from every family member can help generate excitement and buy-in. Just remember to consider each child’s age, abilities and interests while making your list.

Next, work on your scheduling. Some ideas may require more planning. Having a calendar out where everyone sees it can help you plan around each other’s schedules, such as work and swim or music lessons. Other ideas, like after-dinner walks or evening bike rides, could become part of your family’s daily routine.

Ideas to get you started

We’ll ultimately leave the list-making to you and yours, but here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Hike a trail or urban nature path. Bring a guidebook or smartphone app to identify plants and trees you see.
  2. Go stargazing. Get away from city lights to see a diamond Milky Way. Or view the moon while camping in your backyard.
  3. Harvest something wholesome. Visit a farmers’ market and let everyone pick out local produce and a treat. Or pick some fruit, literally, at a U-pick fruit farm.
  4. Explore a neighboring city. You don’t have to go far to shake things up. Visit a museum, park, shops, or another interesting first-time destination. This will be fun and your kids might learn something new!
  5. Have a ball. Go bowling. Play miniature golf, ping-pong, kickball, tennis, hoops or volleyball. Attend a professional or recreational league ballgame. Invite other families for even more fun.
  6. Attend an outdoor concert, art show or learning event. Summer is typically loaded with these types of events. To find out what’s happening locally, look for community events calendars online.
  7. Plan a picnic. Head to your favorite park or beach. Let everyone help prepare a healthy recipe and pack their toys.
  8. Schedule weekend morning walks. They could become a year-round family tradition.
  9. Grow a garden. Even in the middle of summer, you can start growing some flowers and other plants.
  10. Hold family playtime. Play tag or hide-and-seek or introduce them to other games like capture the flag or kick the can. Create a backyard obstacle course. Build a chair-and-blanket fort.

Maybe these ideas will help you think of even more activities for your family to try. So what are you waiting for? Summer is calling!

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