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February Ukiah Hero- Dr. Wang

We’re very happy to announce our next Ukiah Hero, Hengbing Wang, MD. Dr. Wang is an Oncology and Infusion physician at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley. There he helps patients with our state-of-the-art Cancer Treatment and Infusion Center, designed to treat the whole patient, not just the disease. Offering a wide range of treatments, including the most advanced IV infusion therapies, these modern solutions help patients get medication faster and more effectively with the work Dr. Wang is doing.

Dr. Wang was nominated for our value of “Be a Mission Owner”. This value means he owns his role, finding his talent and knowing his contributions are mission critical to our organization. We often ask ourselves through this great work, “How do we inspire health, wholeness and hope?” Dr. Want does just that and so much more!

In his nominations he was mentioned many times for his amazing work, his work ethic to help every patient he can and the trust, compassion and excellent care he provides to his patients.

One person who nominated Dr. Wang reflected these traits in their nomination saying, “Every single day Dr. Wang puts his heart and soul into his work here at the Cancer and Infusion Center. He is always looking out for his patients and ways to provide the absolute best care to them. He treats everyone with compassion, dignity, and respect. His morals never waiver and his strength gets all of us through the tough times and losses we face working in our clinic. Being part of his team is a blessing.”

Dr. Wang not only is kind and caring to his patients and staff, but he also truly works as hard as possible for everyone around him. “To his patients and staff Dr. Wang is an all-around great doctor and great human being. There are days where Dr. Wang goes without lunch because he goes to see patients in the hospital. He deserves to be a hero every month!”

We’re so grateful to have Dr. Wang on our team treating each interaction he has by living God’s love and inspiring those around him with health, wholeness and hope. You can see it in his smile and hear it through his engagement and that truly makes him an incredible part of our team. We could not be more overjoyed to honor her with the respected award of this month’s Ukiah Hero.

Thank you, Dr. Wang, for all you do for our team and patients each day you spend with us. Your work makes the biggest difference in our community, and you truly are a remarkable member of our team.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Wang as this month’s Ukiah Hero!