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2022 Nurse of the Year: Heather Goold, RN

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Nurses often go the extra mile. When she’s needed, Heather goes the extra 10 miles.

“Heather is one of the hardest working nurses on our unit. While filling in for the unit manager position, Heather continued to fill her duties as charge nurse while COVID-19 was surging and we were down nurses for the floor,” says Jay McCollum, RN, medical unit. “Heather was able to do this with grace and gratitude for the career of nursing. She was, in short, the hero we needed.”

After more than 30 years caring for patients at Adventist Health Portland, Heather is known for her love, compassion and leadership.

“She has a huge passion to care for our patients,” says Melissa Henry, CNA, medical unit. “She has worked numerous extra hours during the pandemic and during days that were short-staffed and without a charge nurse.”

Heather’s colleagues appreciate how she is always teaching and mentoring her fellow nurses. They rely on her leadership and take inspiration from the servant-leadership approach she takes.

“I have seen her sit and chart in a dying patient’s room so they wouldn’t be alone, even though, as charge, she was so busy doing other things,” remembers Sheryl Helms, RN, intensive care unit. “I have seen her go out of her way to make sure a discharged patient has access to medical equipment, even though they are no longer under our care.”

Even while caring for her own parents, Heather approaches her patients like family. Her team says even with those added duties at home, she continued to work extra hours because the hospital needed her.

Our Nurse of the Year Award is presented to a nurse who is identified by their peers for excellence not only in fulfilling their job responsibilities, but through a commitment to support their team and demonstration of our mission through compassionate service of patients and peers. Heather’s willingness to always step in, lift up and reach out make her the perfect choice for Nurse of the Year 2022.