September Ukiah Hero: Sarah Valadez-Moreno

Oct 20, 2021


At the end of September, we celebrated another amazing Ukiah Hero. Sarah Valadez-Moreno, was nominated for nearly all of our values including, “Be Love”, “Be a Force For Good”, “Be a Mission Owner”, “Be Welcoming”, “Be Curious” and “Be Brilliant”. She recognizes how she can make an impact for her team each day, providing compassionate care above and beyond to demonstrate our values.

Sarah was nominated not just a few times, but a total of eight times by her teammates that work closely with her for the incredible work she does.

One team member who raved about the many astonishing traits she has wrote, “Sarah goes above and beyond every single day to make sure her patients and coworkers are taken care of. She is attentive, compassionate, and full of so much love. She never hesitates to help wherever the need is, whether that is her home office, other offices, the hospital or at a COVID-19 clinic. She truly is one of a kind. I am extremely thankful for her. AHUV is blessed to have her as part of their employee family.”

Another team member said, “Sarah has a big heart and goes above and beyond for everyone including patients. She is loved by so many everywhere including the ER. Sarah would always volunteer to help screening at the ER, even if it was the weekend. She will always be there! Parents love her at Pediatrics for the way she is caring, kind, gentle and makes the parents and patient feel comfortable and secure. Overall, Sarah has a big heart, and we all love her!”

It's safe to say Sarah is one of our phenomenal team members who greatly deserves this prestigious award as our Ukiah Hero for September. We are so thankful to have Sarah as a part of our wonderful Adventist Health family.

Thank you, Sarah, for being the hero we come to work with each day and another kind heart our patients can rely on!