Fall prevention in winter

Jan 11, 2021


Falls can limit your ability to have an active and independent lifestyle. When the weather turns chilly and walkways get slick, accidents can happen. Here are some tips to prevent falls for this upcoming season:

  1. Wear shoes with good traction.
  2. Dress warm to keep your muscles warm.
  3. Take extra time. Don’t rush. Take short steps with your toes pointed slightly outward to maintain a stable base of support. Take wide turns when turning corners.
  4. Pay attention and stay on clear walkways.

Also be aware of other factors that can lead to falls:

  1. Leg muscle weakness
  2. Balance problems or dizziness
  3. Medical Conditions the limit your ability to get around, such as Parkinson’s, stroke, or diabetes
  4. Medication or taking multiple medications
  5. Low blood pressure
  6. History of previous falls

If you are worried about falling, or recently had a fall, Physical Therapy can evaluate and assess your risk of falls. They can customize a training program that focuses on improving your strength, balance, and ultimately your confidence in mobility.

Talk to your provider today about a physical therapy referral.