When a moment of play brings you to the ED

Apr 15, 2021


An Emergency Department Experience at Adventist Health St. Helena

When children’s laughter and play changes to pain and panic what do you do? The Honig family had that experience this past year with their 6-year-old son Santiago, who the family calls Santi.

Santi, enjoyed a fun-filled morning jumping on the Honig’s trampoline without a care in the world, as he had done so many times before. That idyllic moment changed in an instant when Santi fell off the trampoline and injured his wrist. His parents Stephanie and Michael Honig immediately gathered him up and drove to the local emergency department at Adventist Health St. Helena.

When arriving they were greeted with an engaged staff. Immediately Santi was brought into one of the rooms with his mother, while father Michael waited in the lobby due to COVID-19 visitation restrictions. “We always receive great treatment at Adventist Health St. Helena and this time was no different.” remembers Stephanie. “Santi was very upset, and the staff was very helpful trying to calm him down.”

“Our emergency department team has been here for years and there is comfort in that.” says Dr. Herber, president at Adventist Health St. Helena. “We end up knowing those we serve as we are part of the fabric that makes up our community.”

As it turns out Santi fractured his wrist in the fall. His family was very worried when first arriving and left reassured that the fractured wrist would heal smoothly. “The personal care and community feel are important to us,” explains Stephanie. “That, and not feeling like just being a number.”

Michael and Stephanie have deep roots in the Napa Valley. Michael started managing Honig Vineyard & Winery in 1984 at age 22 and continues to keep the winery a collaborative family-run enterprise. It is no surprise that they decided to bring their son Santi to the Adventist Health St. Helena emergency department. With over 142 years of service to the Napa Valley, the hospital prides itself on that same commitment to supporting the entire family and community.

The team at Adventist Health St. Helena is committed to providing the highest standard of care and an improved patient experience from the moment that a patient arrives. Compared to the four-hour average wait time in California emergency rooms, Adventist Health St. Helena’s expert team sees patients within 20 minutes so patients are cared for and back in the comfort of home sooner.

The in and out service is not impeded by the increased safety protocols to keep the community safe against COVID-19. The measures include regular disinfecting of every area, social distancing, mask wearing, screening at the entryway and limited visitors.

Accidents happen when they are least expected, so it’s reassuring to have a local emergency department available 24 hours a day, ready to care for you and your family. Don’t delay care. Learn more at AdventistHealthStHelena.org/Emergency.