Cared for like Family at the Adventist Health Tulare Birth Center

Sep 10, 2020


When Chelsey Blankenship arrived at Adventist Health Tulare in November 2019 to deliver her first child, she said it felt like a homecoming.

“We were surrounded by a lot of people we knew, so that helped put us at ease,” said Blankenship. “I was very comfortable with the Tulare team. They made it a really special experience.”

Earlier in the year, when Blankenship and her husband, Morgan, learned they would be welcoming their own bundle of joy, she says there was no question about where she and her baby would receive care. A life-long and active resident of Tulare, Blankenship says she’s become friends with many people who serve as caregivers and providers at Adventist Health Tulare. She was confident that she and her baby would be in good hands at the Tulare Birth Center.

“My doctor, Abraham Betre, is a family friend and is near and dear to our hearts,” said Blankenship. “I didn’t even think about anyone else when it came time to deliver.”

In addition to trusted friends, the Tulare Birth Center enabled Blankenship to have another very important person at her side: her mother, Carol Casarez, who is a registered nurse in the department.

“I’m so thankful that my mom was a part of the process, she was everything I needed at that time,” said Blankenship.

After nine months of a healthy pregnancy, Blankenship went into labor on November 7, 2019, kicking off 32 hours of excitement, nervousness and many, many deep breaths. While the experience could have been frightening, Blankenship says she’s fortunate to have felt the support from her care team, immediately upon arriving at the hospital.

“It was just really authentic; it didn’t feel like being in the hospital,” she said. “My care team knew I was having a girl and they decorated the entire room with girl things. They even included the saying, ‘you are my sunshine,’ which my mom would always sing to me as a little girl.”

As the hours grew long, so did the anticipation to meet her little blessing. During this time, Blankenship says many nurses and associates took it upon themselves to ensure she was comfortable and aware of all developments leading up to her delivery. When it became evident that Blankenship’s body was dilating slowly and was not responding to induction, Dr. Betre advised it was time to consider a cesarean section.

“We didn’t plan on a c-section, but I would listen to anything Dr. Betre says,” she said. “I let him guide me and I put my trust in him completely.”

Blankenship underwent the surgery without complications. When the procedure was complete, she was introduced to her own little sunshine, Quinn Rose.

“She’s the first child and first grandchild on both sides, so she had a lot of people eagerly waiting to meet her,” said Blankenship.

Baby Quinn also is one of the first babies to be born at the Birth Center following its reopening in 2019 under the Adventist Health name. Leaving a lasting impression on the team of providers, nurses and associates, the Blankenships have become a part of the extended family at Adventist Health Tulare.