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Two “birds” with one visit: regular doctor visit and important eye exam


Completing some of our daily tasks in life can be challenging amid a worldwide pandemic. Making sure we keep up with other periodic tasks, such as dental cleanings and eye screenings, can be even more challenging. We get it!

Because of these challenges, we’re making life easier for patients with diabetes. When visiting a primary care provider (PCP) at Adventist Health in the Central Valley, patients can also get their regular eye screening for diabetes-related vision problems. Check two things off your list when you come in for an annual check-up or other health need.

In our primary care offices, our medical assistants (MAs) are using new RetinaVue® cameras to take images that identify diabetic retinopathy or other serious eye conditions. These high-resolution images are automatically transmitted to an off-site ophthalmologist who reviews the photos and sends a report back to your PCP within 24 hours. The MA can do this while you’re waiting in the exam room or as you’re preparing to leave the office. It takes just a few minutes and you will have the important information you need about your eye health.

“This is such a great service because often patients won’t exhibit symptoms until it’s too late,” says Dr. Raul Ayala, family medicine physician and Ambulatory Services Medical Officer for Adventist Health in the Central Valley. “This is a great way to identify disease at earlier stages by screening more of our patients and preventing blindness.”

Contact your doctor’s office to schedule your next annual visit and let them know you’d like to have your eye screening done at the same time.