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Adventist Health Continues to Support Rebuilding the Ridge


November 4, 2020 (Paradise, Calif.) – Since 1950, Feather River Hospital has been an integral part of the ridge community, serving to ensure the continuation of healthcare services for residents on the ridge. After the Camp Fire in November 2018 closed the hospital, Adventist Health and the Feather River Health Foundation (FRHF) have continued to be a force for good by creating healthy opportunities for their friends and neighbors. In addition to various healthcare services provided in Butte and Tehama counties, Adventist Health and FRHF have used their resources wisely to support healthy community activities for ridge residents.

So far in 2020, Adventist Health and FRHF have provided more than $101,500 in financial support for food pantries and distribution programs to address food insecurity in this community. Additionally, more than $91,000 has been donated to ensure that local businesses could obtain necessary PPE for non-profit service organizations in this county. Adventist Health has also providing more than $17,500 in funding to expedite the availability of COVID-19 testing and rapid results in their Butte County clinics.

Additional funding of more than $6000 for public service announcements in English and Spanish to inform the public about COVID-19 guidelines was provided by Adventist Health in partnership with other local entities. A $10,000 grant was made to Hope Plaza in Paradise, while more than $16,000 has been provided to Adventist Health associates to help rebuild their lives. And, perhaps most importantly, more than $120,000 has been allocated to the completion of a feasibility study to support plans for future services and programs offered by Adventist Health for the ridge community. Year to date, donations to local organizations and agencies total more than $330,971.

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