Surviving and thriving while working from home

Mar 19, 2020


With offices across the country closed, working remotely is the new normal to abide by social distancing. Here are our top tips for surviving and thriving while working from home.

  • Keep a routine. Get up on time, get dressed, make the bed and have some breakfast. Following your routine will help differentiate “work time” from “home time” even if you don’t have a morning commute.
  • Designate a workspace. Whether it’s a home office or a corner of the living room, a designated workspace will help you separate “home” from “work.” Set up your computer, have pens and sticky notes on hand, and clear everything else from the area. If you’ve got kids, set up a workspace for them too! Older kids can work on take-home schoolwork and younger children will enjoy mimicking your new work environment.
  • Take breaks to get moving. You might not be able to head to the water cooler, but you can head to the kitchen for a cup of tea or take a quick lap around the block. Without the distractions of the office, it’s easy to get engrossed in your work and forget to move around. Aim to get up and move at least once an hour.
  • Schedule a lunch break. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you don’t get a lunch break! Block this time on your calendar so your team knows you’re away from your desk. Eat a healthy lunch and take a breather before you head back to the “office.”
  • Block off time for priority projects. If you’re struggling with distraction, try blocking off a couple of hours each day for priority projects. Be specific with what you want to get done during that time, and make sure everyone else in the home knows that you’ll be busy. Keeping a to-do list will also help keep you on track with what you need to get done each day.
  • Stay social with colleagues. Maintaining healthy social relationships is key to working from home. In lieu of your morning catch-up session with your BFAW (best friend at work), send them an IM or text to see how they’re doing. Feeling discouraged or unsure of what to say? Here are five ways to spread hope without spreading germs during this difficult time.
  • Use video meeting technology. Use your company’s video conferencing technology of choice for team meetings if you have a quiet, private space to have calls. A little face-to-face interaction might help break up the solitude, especially if you’re home alone.
  • Set boundaries. Do you normally leave the office at 5:30? Aim to do the same when you’re at home. Close your laptop, silence your work phone and sign off for the day. It will all be there for you when you get in tomorrow!

When you aren’t the only one working from home

Many of us have spouses and kids at home with us too. Have a family meeting to make sure everyone knows what mom and dad are up to and why they’re working from home. Let your significant other know your schedule in advance, so they can plan accordingly.