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Message to the Adventist Health family

Spirit, Show on Corporate Home

To our Adventist Health family,

As I write to you today, my heart is broken. Our community is hurting after the senseless death of George Floyd. Once again, we have been painfully reminded that America’s promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all people continues to fall short. Sadly, we have not yet realized a society where every person is included, valued and protected.

Like others in our community, many of our physicians, nurses and associates are sharing their own experiences of racism, bias and violence. I want you to know that the people of Adventist Health stand with you. I stand with you. Please keep talking—your words are being heard, and they will have an impact.

Adventist Health is called to bring physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing to our communities. A sense of security is core to an individual’s wellbeing, and that cannot exist in a world where people live in fear. Our role as healthcare providers places us in a position of trust. We must strive to live up to that trust. Racism, inequality and injustice are incompatible with community, and we cannot succeed in our mission if we tolerate them.

In humility, we know that these problems are bigger than ourselves; but we must be a part of the solution. Our board chairman, Dr. Ricardo Graham, has best summarized the gravity and scope of these challenges facing our nation and our world in this message. I invite you to read his words and consider in your heart what each of us can do to bring change to our community.



Scott Reiner, CEO