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How Santa can have a healthier new year

Health and Wellness, COVID-19

Though he’s a right jolly old elf, Santa could make small changes to help have a healthier new year. We hope he takes our advice so we can keep him around for many years to come!

  • Santa has a lot of stressors, from the long, dark winters at the North Pole to a yearlong scramble to keep the elves on task making toys. A check in with a licensed counselor who works with his primary care provider will help make sure Santa’s mental health is fit and fabulous for the year to come.
  • That nose like a cherry could mean Santa has been forgetting his sunscreen. Even in the chill of winter, the sun’s rays can do real damage.
  • Age, weight and a history of smoking leave Santa at higher risk for heart disease. He should make sure he goes to his annual wellness visit, gets his blood pressure checked and talk to his provider about how to stop smoking.
  • Santa seems to be tipping the scales toward a high body-mass index. We suspect he might want to ease up on the eggnog and try adding some plant-based foods into his diet. A few more daily steps during his off-season might help too.
  • Of course, no one knows for sure how old Santa is, but it seems clear he’s plenty old enough to be due for a colonoscopy. He and his primary care provider should talk about what other vaccines and screenings might be due so we can keep Santa around for a long time yet.
  • All those trips up and down chimneys have left Santa with some joint pain in his knees and hips. He should take a quick assessment to see if his symptoms need a visit to a doctor or nurse practitioner.
  • Santa’s been on pins and needles, and we don’t mean he’s nervous. With his history of smoking and high BMI, Santa is at higher risk of type 2 diabetes. He should talk with his doctor about getting his blood sugar checked.