Pediatric Physical Therapy at Adventist Health Clear Lake

Aug 28, 2019


Nothing concerns parents more than wondering if their child is developing according to their age. The Adventist Health Clear Lake pediatric physical therapy service provides expert, compassionate pediatric physical therapy to children with special needs, disabilities or disorders.

Alexa Yancey, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist with special training in helping children reach their best potential. Here, she answers a few questions on why a child might need physical therapy, how families can support their child’s progress and what motivates her to care for her littlest patients.

Why might a child need physical therapy?

There are many reasons why a child might need physical therapy treatment. Sometimes a child needs support because of a condition such as cerebral palsy. Other times physical therapy is needed because of a developmental delay or challenge with motor development such as balance. Other times, after an injury or surgery children can be helpfully supported by physical therapy so they can get back to their favorite activities as quickly as possible.

What treatments are offered?

We treat a wide range of conditions and have specialized assessment tools and equipment to help your child’s rehabilitation and recovery. A favorite part of my job is putting together an individualized treatment plan that is specific to the child and his or her goals.

Some of the treatments that might be included in a child’s plan include:

  • Exercises and/or functional activities to increase muscle strength
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Gait and transfer training to improve age-appropriate mobility
  • Balance training
  • Positioning to preserve musculoskeletal integrity and optimize function
  • Developmental strengthening activities
  • Family training and education

What is the Hidden Valley Lake physical therapy center like?

We actually offer physical therapy to all ages at our center in Hidden Valley Lake. It’s a bright space with big windows out to the golf course, lots of exercise equipment and private treatment rooms. Because physical therapy for children is a special service, we have a private room that has been specially set up for kids and their needs and special mats, balls and “toys” we use for treatment.

What is your background in physical therapy?

I have a bachelor’s in exercise sport science from Texas Tech University. I went on to get my doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne, Maryland. After I started working here in Lake County in 2017, I saw the need for more pediatric services, so I have taken additional training to build my skills in this area beyond what is covered in graduate school.

Who is eligible for this service?

It’s a surprise to some people that we can actually start working with infants as young as six months old! Physical therapy does require a physician referral, so if you think your child could benefit you should talk to your family doctor or pediatrician.

To learn more about pediatric physical therapy, call (707) 987-9046. The Adventist Health Clear Lake Physical Therapy Center is located at 18990 Coyote Valley Road, Suite 11, in Hidden Valley Lake. Learn more about physical therapy services.