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Principles to help live your fullest life

Mind, Spirit, Body

Since the 1860s, Seventh-day Adventists have been espousing the virtues of avoiding certain foods to protect our health. Today, as more and more food is heavily processed, these principles continue to take on an even greater importance. While the church doesn’t see them as mandates, Adventists believe the plant-based diet helps serve as a sturdy foundation to living a healthy lifestyle—encouraging “whole person” health from the inside out.

Here are a few of their proven health practices that can help you live a more beneficial and sustaining life.

The plant-based diet.

Adventists’ plant-based diet and balanced approach to life is an often-studied topic, and with reason. When you think about it, treating one’s body like a temple is a relatively simple concept—one that nearly anyone can put into practice with a plan.

Staying away from mind-altering substances like tobacco and alcohol is a given, but Seventh-day Adventists expand on positive behaviors by avoiding meats like pork and shellfish, focusing instead on a plant-based diet filled with legumes, nuts, whole grains and fresh produce.

Consider making whole grains, fruits and vegetables the base of your meals. There are countless recipes that involve whole-grain products and produce that you can incorporate into your weekly meal plan. While many Adventists steer clear of most animal products, others consume eggs and dairy in moderation. Choosing low-fat options and considering alternatives like almond or rice milk can help keep cholesterol in check. And don’t forget to limit your use of salt and sugar! Anything containing these items should be used only sparingly. Read all labels carefully.

To start, try decreasing the amount of manufactured foods you put in your body and work your way to a completely natural and organic diet. You’ll begin to feel the many benefits of restoring your body’s natural health, like increased energy and clarity of mind.

cutting fruit on a cutting board

Physical and spiritual balance.

Seventh-day Adventists also believe that striving for physical and spiritual balance leads to wellness, with nature playing a significant role in the process. Sunlight, fresh air and clean, pure water are all important factors to living the healthiest life possible.

Aside from the gym, make time for family excursions outdoors. From camping trips to a simple walk around the block after dinner, choose activities that get everyone outside.

family at a picnic table while camping

When you factor in Adventists’ steadfast belief in regular physical exercise and a deep sense of purpose in life, it’s no wonder that Loma Linda, California, a city that boasts one of the highest Seventh-day Adventist populations, is a Blue Zone and may be one of the healthiest communities in the United States—possibly even the world. Now that’s some food for thought.

Are you feeling inspired and ready to take on a healthier lifestyle? We’re here to help. Check out our site’s many resources on whole-person care and share your plant-based diet tips with us below!