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Five dad qualities that make us smile


They say mother knows best, but let’s not overlook the strength, wisdom and unique characteristics of Pops. There’s no doubt that dads come in all forms: from quiet, serious and stern to funny, warm and fuzzy. Dads play many roles in their children’s lives, making an impact in their own unique ways. In honor of Father’s Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite qualities in dad. Whether you’re thinking of your own dad, experiencing fatherhood yourself, or have a special relationship with an influential paternal figure in your life, these qualities may sound familiar or even serve as inspiration. Which of these remind you of your dad (or maybe even yourself)?

  1. The first coach. From practicing T-ball to perfecting that slam dunk, coach dad is all about fun and sports but more importantly, pep talks and building confidence. It’s not about the game, but what we can learn from it! Coach dad constructively cheers us on from the bleachers and on the field. As we got older, he coached us in life. Helping navigate our formative years and offering advice in the start of our career and beyond, dad knew exactly how to motivate us for the challenges ahead.

Graduation Laughing With Dad

  1. A master of dad jokes. There’s nothing like the comic relief of dad. Fatherhood ignites this special skill in many dads, teaching us how to let life’s stress roll off our backs and not always take things so seriously. Funny dad can always come up with something to make his kids smile, even during life’s most difficult situations.
  2. An advocate for hard work. From long days at the office to playing mechanic with the family van, dad is one of the hardest working men we know. He taught us that most of life’s greatest accomplishments come with sacrifice and good things always take time. His enduring work ethic serves as an important reminder to keep learning, growing and to continue to push for greatness. 

Business Father Coming Home

The original Mr. Fix-It. Leaky roof? He’s on the scene. Dripping faucet? He’s looking for his wrench. Dad is ready to tackle whatever needs fixing (even if it’s our hearts). Thanks dad!

  1. A go-to role model. We accept his flaws and we embrace his wisdom. On the good days and the bad, there’s always something we can learn from dad. From a disciplinarian and protector to a teacher and a friend, dad is one of the greatest figures we can learn from.

Learn From Dad

Which of these dad values resonated with you? Do you have a favorite quality that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to leave a comment.

And to all of the wonderful dads, grandfathers and father figures out there, happy Father’s Day!