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12 things you can make with watermelon this summer

Watermelon – it’s a summertime necessity! This sweet, juicy fruit has been the symbol of summer fun for generations and a big wedge of watermelon can be the perfect accompaniment to any hot day. The best part is that watermelon can be great for your health! It’s got Vitamin C, A, B1, B5 and B6 with only about 47 calories per cup. It can even help you stay hydrated because it’s actually 92 percent water.

This summer, go beyond the wedge and try these 12 unique ways to enjoy the delicious seasonal fruit:

Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad – This popular combo is sure to hit the spot. Ice cold watermelon, refreshing mint and creamy feta are the perfect start to any summer meal.

Fruit Skewers on Watermelon Grill – A fun and whimsical addition to your next backyard BBQ, make these colorful fruit skewers and repurpose the watermelon rind as a centerpiece to display these tasty treats.

4 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet – A lower-fat option to ice cream, this frozen treat is easily made even without an ice cream maker!

Watermelon Ice – Seriously, it is that easy. These little frozen cubes are the perfect way to perk up a cup of water and make it feel like a treat!

Watermelon Ice

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Watermelon and Peach Salad with Pistachio Mint Pesto – Nom! This salad combines two delicious summer fruits and turns them into one incredible dish. Make extra pesto and use it later on some pasta.

Americana Basket – This particular watermelon basket is filled with red, white and blue fruit and adorned with stars. You could also use the basic basket technique and fill with any fruit salad of your choice!

Watermelon Pizza – How about pizza for dessert? Get the kids involved and have them put “toppings” on the pizza and have a fun summer activity that ends up being a yummy delight.

Layered Watermelon Popsicles – These pop out of the mold looking just like a slice of watermelon! Add chocolate chips or raisins for a fun take on watermelon seeds.

Watermelon Salsa – Grab the chips! A summer spin on this classic dip is a seasonal way to spice up snack time.

Watermelon Salsa

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Watermelon Cakes – Break out the whipped topping – it’s time to get creative! Once the watermelon is sliced and cut into rounds, let the kids help decorate with whipped topping and sprinkles!

Watermelon Lemonade – A quintessential summer drink, lemonade’s tart and sweet profile is a popular pool-side refresher. Add watermelon for a still flavorful but less tart option.

Watermelon Drink Dispenser – Enjoy this creative and fun way to serve beverages at your next party! Fill up with ice water or watermelon lemonade and let your guests grab their refills.

Add some sweetness to your summer and discover the many different ways to enjoy watermelon. It’s always a winner!