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Inspired by you: Dr. Ali Cheaito

Dr. Ali Cheaito Mind

Behind every face and every family, there is a story that inspires.

In my practice, I meet people often when they are most vulnerable. There is a condition that I treat, enterocutaneous fistula; it’s an abnormal connection between the intestine and the skin and can be painful and extremely complicated. My patients tell me they have a hard time even finding a physician who is willing to do the surgery to help them heal. By the time they come to me, these individuals and their families have sometimes dealt with the condition for many years. These people have every reason to be discouraged, frustrated or even angry. But that’s not usually the story I hear. As they share with me their journey, their struggles and the disappointment of missing out on the activities they once enjoyed, I see them fill up with a well-earned sense of pride. With the help of their families or sometimes a caring neighbor, they have endured. I don’t see broken spirits. I see courage, strength and hope. It inspires me to give them my absolute best and fills my heart with hope as well.

I believe that my job as a physician is not limited to the clinic and the operating room. The stories I hear from my patients every day have inspired my research on improving healthcare delivery in our country. As a member of the American College of Surgeons task force aimed at advocating for improvements in healthcare delivery, I am working to help our community and Adventist Health transform the complex and often costly world of healthcare.

My patients and their stories of triumph, bravery, love and hope inspire me to do more than practice medicine.

Dr. Ali Cheaito

Surgeon, Adventist Health Simi Valley