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Caring for your precious patch of earth


This Earth Day serves as a timely reminder that our commitment to health and wellness extends far beyond our facility walls. Where we live, work and play all add up to our physical and social well-being – and that includes our homes, schools, employers and community spaces. When our everyday environments are healthy, they help support our well-being and serve as positive influences for making better lifestyle choices.

This is what makes our rural areas so vital. The wide-open spaces outside of densely-populated urban areas can offer a healthy reprieve from the stressful environment of the city (think fresh air, flora and fauna!) It goes without saying that just like any nature-filled community, it’s important to maintain and preserve these precious patches of earth – and residents from the cities and suburbs to rural communities are already doing a great deal to support the communities that they’re fortunate to call home.

Whether you live in town or outside of it, check out these tips to help support the green space around you this Earth Day:

  • Replant native vegetation. One of the benefits of native plants is that they have adapted to their local environmental conditions. This makes it critical to replace any dying vegetation with similar plants because they require less time and water to thrive. Native foliage benefits the animals that roam rural areas by providing them with a familiar and biologically-appropriate habitat while also replenishing our natural surroundings.

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  • Volunteer in community spaces. Picking up trash, maintaining a trail, or building a new bench, picnic table or trashcan in your local park can go a long way towards encouraging others to care for the space. When others see the care that goes into their green belt, they are more likely to go out and enjoy the area and treat nature with the respect it deserves.
  • Purchase energy-efficient products. Look for rebates on appliances throughout your house – and when the weather permits, hang your clothes on a line to dry in the warm sunshine.
  • Grow local, sell local. If you have the space, take advantage of your land and soil by growing an assortment of vegetables and fruits. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll add value to the community and boost local pride. Best of all, you’ll create a healthy crop of produce for the entire family and beyond.

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This Earth Day, step outside and lend a helping hand to the preservation of the precious green space around you. Whether you’re a city dweller or a rural resident, share some of your own tips for the care of your open spaces – we would love to hear from you!