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Ukiah Valley Unveils a New Mission and Brand Direction

Event Ukiah, CA — Ukiah Valley Medical Center (UVMC) has been an integral part of the community providing high quality, patient centered care here in Mendocino County for 60 years. 

On March 16th and 17th, UVMC unveiled their new brand direction, including an expanded mission, vision and values and identity to their employees, volunteers and community members during a series of brand launch celebrations. 

With this change Adventist Health will become even more community centric, with greater emphasis focused on health and wellness. The events inspired many in attendance, reminding them of the value Adventist Health holds in our community. “I found the event to be incredibly inspiring. Several parts brought me to tears. Adventist Health has always been a great organization. This next step of the journey will be literally life-changing for all they serve. I am very grateful that I live in a community served by an Adventist Health Hospital,” said community member Deborah Pardee. 

The new mission statement makes shifts from “Sharing” to “Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. “Sharing happens incidentally, whereas living is a 24/7 experience”, stated Gwen Matthews, President, CEO of Ukiah Valley Medical Center “Our new mission reflects our heritage of providing physical, mental and spiritual care and compels us to extend our reach even more deeply into our community,” said Gwen Matthews, President and CEO. 

The launch also focused on the importance of “systemness” across its 21 sites and 275 clinics. Leveraging shared tools and resources across all of its facilities frees up local sites so they can utilize their resources on meeting the health and wellness needs of the community. 

UVMC has always had a community focus, but with this new direction, it will expand into new services that focus on health and wellness. One examples includes Live Well, a new health and wellness program scheduled to launch in July, will help high-risk patients to learn about health and to develop a customized health plan focused on their specific needs. The services include pain management, nutrition, fitness and psychological counseling. This is in addition to other programs offered including UVMC’s Street Medicine Program, a service which provides medical care to Ukiah’s underserved population, Diabetes Education and many community partnerships. 

As part of the new brand direction, Ukiah Valley Medical Center introduced a new name. Once California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approvals are obtained, Ukiah Valley Medical Center will be known as Adventist Health Ukiah Valley. This new name will align with its twenty-one Adventist Health hospitals on the west coast, spanning from Oregon, Washington, California and Oahu. 

Adventist Health, UVMC’s parent company, has supported the hospital and Mendocino County for decades. Their support has provided the resources and tools needed to stay at the forefront of new advances in medicine and expanding the facility to meet the growing demands of the community. “Our new emergency department and intensive care unit would not be possible without the support of our parent company”, stated David Weis, UVMC Chief Operating Officer. 

In addition to the expanded mission and new name, UVMC also introduced a new visual identity that represents the spirituality and fresh optimism of the organization. The tagline - “Together inspired”- speaks to UVMC coming together with other community organizations in Mendocino County and the power that connection will have in creating a healthier community. 

““I’m proud to be part of such a mission-driven, organization, especially in today’s changing healthcare environment.” said Chief Nursing Officer Heather Van Housen. “As we care for every patient who comes through our doors, together we become part of each other’s stories that inspire health, wholeness and hope” Van Housen concluded.