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Rideout to Discontinue Certain Specialty Services and Involvement in Nevada County Clinics

Rideout Press Releases

Rideout to Discontinue Certain Specialty Services
and Involvement in Nevada County Clinics

106 employees affected across three services and four remote clinics

March 16, 2017 – MARYSVILLE, CA – After a great deal of consideration and evaluation, Rideout Health (Rideout) has made the difficult decision to adjust its operations across three specific service areas, as well as its management of four remote clinics.

Specifically, Rideout will discontinue its home health, hospice and medical equipment services. While the staff providing these services has shown incredible commitment and compassion in their daily work, Rideout could not operate competitively in these highly-specialized fields of care. Rideout will be working closely with organizations already providing home health, hospice and medical equipment services in the area to ensure that patients will continue to receive uninterrupted care and service. Operation of these services will cease over the next 60 days.

In addition, Rideout will also separate from four clinics it operates in Nevada County. These include three primary care clinics (Rideout Primary Care at Grass Valley, Rideout St. Moritz Grass Valley, and Rideout Primary Care at Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley) and one specialty clinic (Rideout Specialty Care Clinic in Penn Valley). Rideout does not anticipate that these practices will close. While the facilities will no longer be affiliated with Rideout, they will have the opportunity to continue providing care to the communities they serve under a different management model. The transition of these clinics will occur no later than June 30, 2017.

Lastly, Rideout will discontinue a number of positions that fall outside these specialized services and remote clinics. In total, the adjustments in Rideout's operations will affect 106 employees.

Each affected employee has been provided with at least 60 days' notice. Rideout will assist affected employees with efforts in securing alternative employment, either with Rideout or with another organization.

"Our decision was a very difficult one, and I understand the impact it will have on a number of individuals who have been part of our Rideout family," said Gino Patrizio, CEO of Rideout. "If it was avoidable, we would have avoided it. We must make adjustments to our operations in order to preserve Rideout's core services and ensure its future sustainability."

In addition to these measures, Rideout is implementing other restructuring and efficiency measures to optimize operations. These measures will not affect current employees. The measures are part of a coordinated effort to create savings and efficiencies that can help strengthen Rideout's ability to deliver on its core mission far into the future.