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How to be everyone's valentine


Whether you’ve already picked out bouquets of flowers and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate or not—Valentine’s Day is upon us. Traditionally this means spending a lot of time, effort and money trying to curate the perfect dinner/date plans with your significant other…which can lead to unnecessary stress. And for those of us that are single, this can also be a less-than-pleasant day (hello, constant social media posts of your friends snuggled up with their honeys), also charmingly referred to as “Singles Awareness Day.” We think it would be way more fun to spend the day focusing on everyone, not just Cupid. He can take a vacation this year.

Here are seven ways you can spread some love and cheer this Valentine’s Day.

Cancel your dinner plans

Instead of spending a small fortune on dinner for two, why not use this as an excuse to make dinner for a hundred? Volunteering in your local church, hospital or shelter is a great way to get involved and share a piece of your heart with your community. To find your perfect match, check out this website.

Make valentines for your coworkers

Remember the days in elementary school where you had to decorate a shoebox to collect/deliver all the valentines from your classmates? Those were the days! If you were lucky, those valentines also had candy attached to them. So why not spend a few minutes writing cute little valentines for your office mates? If DIY isn’t your thing, you could also pick up some ready-made boxed valentines. They’re (almost) as cheap as they were when you had to buy them in the third grade.

Themed movie night

There’s a time and a place to enjoy cheesy romantic comedies (always, and anywhere, you say?)—but this would be a fabulous week in particular to invite over friends and family for a cheese-a-thon. Have every guest bring over their favorite classic rom-com—or choose a different theme. Disney movies for Valentine’s Day? Or even Christmas movies? Sure!

Smile for no reason

Sometimes the best things in life are free. Smiling is not only good for the soul, but it’s also contagious (in a good way, we promise)—and studies have shown that people who smile appear to be more courteous, competent and likeable. It’s a win-win situation. This is a great day to smile and spread some friendly cheer. High fives are also encouraged, but optional.

Write a letter to your future self (really!)

This website allows you to write encouraging letters to yourself in the future and sends it to your email address at the date you request. You can also send letters to your loved ones to be delivered in the future. Wouldn’t it be fun to send a valentine from the past? Time travel doesn’t have to just be in the movies!

Have a puppy cuddle puddle

Is there any greater joy than hanging out in a room full of puppies and/or kittens? We don’t think so. Locate your local animal shelter to see what kind opportunities they have for you to lend a helping hand—even if it’s just to pet some heads and scratch some ears—every little bit helps.

Open mic night

With the popularity of open mic nights these days, the chances of finding one this week is a likely possibility. Contact local cafes and music venues to see if they have any coming up. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing in a fun environment! And who knows—maybe you’ll craft the perfect love poem and meet your future soulmate.

While it’s true that Valentine’s Day is one of the sillier of the “holidays,” it’s a great chance to go against the grain of spending a lot of money on flowers and candy (even though we love both of those things), and instead find opportunities to be “sweethearts” to everyone around you…and puppies, too. Because being everyone’s valentine is way more rewarding than just being one.