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The 12 Eating Tips of Christmas

Weight Management

It’s a real challenge to avoid packing on a few extra pounds at Christmas, especially coming so close on the heels of the annual Thanksgiving feast. But there are things you can do every day to minimize the temptation of fattening foods while maximizing your enjoyment of the holiday season and meals spent with friends.

I call them my 12 Eating Tips of Christmas.

  1. Make a plan. Going to a dinner party where desserts will abound? Eat a light lunch that day.
  2. Stock fewer treats at home. This is the perfect time to enjoy your time out by cutting back at home.
  3. Think about those extra carbs! Can you transform a traditional mashed potato into cauliflower mash instead?
  4. Avoid added sugars. Enjoy the sweet potato casserole, but ditch the sweet toppings.
  5. Size matters. Enjoy the feast, but choose a smaller plate whenever possible. This really works!
  6. Decide before you sample. Look over the entire buffet before putting anything on your plate. 
  7. Drink water before every meal. You’ll need the water to aid in digestion and you’ll feel fuller, too.
  8. Get your rest. Did you know that a good night’s sleep can reduce your cravings for sugar?
  9. Choose fresh over processed. Have steamed green beans instead of the green bean casserole smothered in starch.
  10. Skip the alcohol and soda. Get your calories from food and enjoy sparkling water instead.
  11. Don’t skip meals. Trying to skip a meal to save room for the next meal usually just results in overeating. 
  12. Don’t give in to pressure. If your food choices satisfy you, politely decline anyone who tries to derail your success.

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