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It’s not too late to cross these things off your summer bucket list!


While you may have already gone back-to-school shopping and started your morning routine of packing lunchboxes, there’s still plenty of summer weather to go around. Some places on the West Coast, in particular, are experiencing record-breaking triple-digit temperature days. It’s no secret: That summer feeling is here to delight us (and maybe sunburn us—don’t forget sunscreen!) for at least another month, so before you start longingly digging the cardigans out of storage, here are a few ideas to get the most out of the rest of these hot days.

Take me out to the ballgame!

Who’s your team? Whether you’re a diehard Giants fan, decked-out in team gear on game day, or you’re just there for the nachos, going to a baseball game is a classic way to spend an end-of-summer day with your family and friends.

Take a hike

There’s no greater way to enjoy the end of summer than strolling through nature. Have you been saying to yourself, “I really want to check out a National Park this summer…”? Now’s a great time—as the summer comes to an end, the crowds will be thinner and the parks will be easier to navigate (and to park your car!). Be a weekend warrior before the weather gets chilly! To find one closer to home, check out the National Park Service’s map here.

Gone fishin’

Do you like water? How do you feel about boats? Have you thought about taking the family out for a fishing day? Now is a great time to do that! Pack plenty of healthy snacks, water, sunscreen and your sense of adventure for a day on the lake. Need help finding a great spot, or where to rent gear? This handy-dandy website is a great tool for making sure you have everything you need to plan a safe, fun day.

Hit the waterslides

No matter how old you are, there is a particular joy that stays with you when you think of water parks. Putting on a swimsuit and spending a few hours splashing around with your friends, waiting impatiently for your turn to slide down “the big one” on a hot day—there’s something to be said about maintaining your childlike enthusiasm for waterparks. Locate your closest park and treat yourself (and your kids!) to a day at the park.

Fire up the ‘cue

While all your favorite summer vegetables are in season, take advantage of the summer weather to have a weekend barbecue! Don’t have a proper back yard? Grill some on-the-go entrees and have a picnic at a local park. Be sure to pack all the proper tools.

Go to a movie. Stay in the car!

Did you know that California is one of the top states still operating drive-in movie theaters? Just like baseball games, going to a drive-in movie is a timeless hobby associated with summer fun. Even if the screen isn’t showing your favorite new flick, the experience is not one that you will forget—and it’s fun for the whole family. No clue where to find your nearest drive-in? This website has a useful search tool.

Host a total solar eclipse party

How often do you get the opportunity to view a total solar eclipse? Oh, every few decades, maybe. On August 21, the U.S. will be treated to this “show” where we’ll get to witness a partial eclipse—and a few parts of the country will get to see a total eclipse. This is a great chance to have a “space party”!  Have your guests wear space-themed outfits, plan hands-on activities, and serve up some official space food for fun.

And while you’re at it, be sure to take lots of photos of your party (or just your space pants, because we know you’re rocking them) and tag #eclipse2017 on Twitter and Instagram to keep the fun going (don’t forget to add #Togetherinspired so we can like your post)!

Ice cream social

What summer bucket list would be complete without the idea to have an ice cream social? While the temperatures are still warm, ice cream sounds like a pretty good idea. Take it a step further and skip the sugary grocery store varieties and make your own, healthier options at home. Have the kids help you pick out fresh fruits and make your own frozen yogurts treats.


As we dive back into our school-time routines and gear up for pumpkin-spice season, it’s definitely not too late to cross a few items off your summer bucket list. As the sun continues to keep us warm for the month of August, be sure to accessorize your adventures with sunscreen, lifejackets and—in some cases—NASA-approved eyewear. Be safe and have fun!