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12 free tools to help you quit smoking


Do you want to stop smoking—but need a little help?

Then mark your calendar for Nov. 17. That's the Great American Smokeout, sponsored every year by the American Cancer Society. It's your chance to join people nationwide to stop smoking or make a quit plan.

Quitting could add years to your life. And the more support you have, the better your chances of quitting for good. So check out these free stop-smoking tools—and get the help you need to break free of tobacco.

  1. Stop Smoking Quiz: Learn what kind of a smoker you are by answering questions about your smoking patterns. What you discover can help you come up with a personalized quit plan to tame your cravings.
  2. Smokeout Countdown Clock: Download this desktop app for daily tips to help you prepare to quit—plus support for your first month as a nonsmoker.
  3. Cost of Smoking Calculator: How much of your money is going up in smoke? Find out the answer—and get some powerful motivation to quit.
  4. Daily Challenges Program*: Does quitting for even a single day seem hard? Then sign up for seven days of texts to prime you for quitting. You'll build your stop-smoking skills with daily challenges—for example, by learning how to ride out cravings.
  5. Practice Quitting Program*: If you're ready to quit smoking for a least a day, sign up for these texts. They'll help you stop lighting up for one, three or five days—your choice—so you can get the practice you need to quit for good.
  6. SmokefreeTXT*: Ready to stop smoking permanently? Then pick your quit day and get up to five text messages daily. They'll give you support and tips to help you get and stay smoke-free.
  7. SmokefreeMOM*: If you're a mom-to-be, you have even more reasons to quit smoking. Babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy have a higher risk of preterm birth, asthma and sudden infant death syndrome, among other things. With this program, you'll get texts — synched up with your baby's due date — with expert advice to help you stop smoking.
  8. QuitGuide app: This mobile app helps you track and resist cravings, stay motivated with stop-smoking messages, and work toward important milestones as you quit.
  9. quitSTART app for teens: Get the practical tips you need to break your habit. Play past cravings with fun games and challenges. And share your progress through social media.
  10. LiveHelp: Chat online with a National Cancer Institute information specialist—and get science-based answers to your questions about how to quit smoking.
  11. 877.44U.QUIT (1.877.448.7848): Get tips on how to stop lighting up from highly trained counselors at the National Cancer Institute. They're ready to answer your questions in English or Spanish.
  12. 800.QUIT.NOW (1.800.784.8669): Your state's quit line offers one-on-one help and referrals to stop-smoking resources. It's just a quick call away!

Need more help? Try a smoking cessation class

Many hospitals offer classes and support groups to help you quit smoking. Find an Adventist Health hospital near you.

*There is no additional fee for text-message services. However, message and data rates may apply. If you pay for individual texts, these programs may not be right for you. Check with your mobile provider.