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White Memorial’s Lyman A. Brewer III, MD Sim Center receives new simulation equipment

Awards & Recognition

On December 17, 2015, our Lyman A. Brewer III, MD Sim Center received new simulation equipment – hyst-sim and lap-sim, respectively. Multiple randomized published studies have demonstrated that the skills practiced during both short-term and longterm training with this equipment are directly transferable to the operating room.

“With the acquisition of this best-in-industry, minimally invasive surgery simulation equipment, we can more rapidly prepare our residents for the surgical theater,” says Dr. Cinna Wohlmuth, instrumental in securing the two grants from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) that helped fund the acquisition of the equipment.

“We anticipate that integrating this equipment into the WMMC Simulation Center will assist in our goal to become leaders in the local simulation training community,”

adds Dr. Ronald Johnson.

The availability of this kind of equipment at the Sim Center provides another opportunity for residents to continually practice, refine and perfect their surgical skills and move on to the next level of surgical competency. The Center has also obtained collaborative software allowing the unprecedented ability to conduct interdisciplinary team training for improving surgical team skills.

Continued advances in procedural technology challenges the health care team to proactively update skills and level of competency. Forward-thinking people like Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wohlmuth remind us that the best way to stay abreast of technological change is to embrace it. We look forward to the numerous accomplishments the next generation of residents trained in our Sim Center will bring to the table.

For more information about the new simulation equipment, please visit us here.