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Join the Conversation! Take Our Community Health Survey

Community Needs Tillamook is a vibrant community. We live in a beautiful location and the ability of our people to live a healthy life is a worthy goal. You are a unique individual of this community and we invite you to help Tillamook Regional Medical Center (TRMC) better understand the health needs of our people. 

Each person brings a special perspective and we welcome your thoughts, wisdom and input as an important element of our Community Health Survey. TRMC conducts these surveys every three years to improve our health commitment to the people of Tillamook. With your help we can discover insights into Tillamook’s health issues. 

You can help guide the Tillamook Regional Medical Center as we strive to be your committed, caring community health partner. A few minutes of your time can make a real difference! We invite you to click on the link and join us in the conversation to give Tillamook’s story a happier ending. Click here to take the survey.