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Accurately Determine Heart Risk with New Screening


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, killing over half-a-million Americans each year. Additionally, up to 50 percent of people with heart attacks have no prior symptoms.

To help identify apparently-healthy or symptom-free patients who are actually at risk of heart disease, Sonora Regional Medical Center is offering an advanced Coronary Risk Assessment. This accurately estimates the 10-year risk of heart disease by combining the patient’s risk factor profile, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements with a Coronary Calcium Score, a low-dose CT scan of the heart that measures the amount of atherosclerotic disease in the arteries. This combination of information provides an accurate prediction of future risk.

Armed with Coronary Risk Assessment results, physicians can better determine individual goals of treatment and choose the therapies and lifestyle changes that will make the biggest impact. The Coronary Risk Assessment is designed for patients who are 45 to 84 years old, free of known coronary heart or vascular disease and free of diabetes. The Medical Center is offering this service for just $199 which includes a detailed Coronary Risk Assessment (future heart risk and “artery age”), cholesterol laboratory assessment, blood pressure screening and coronary calcium scan, a low-dose CT scan. The CT scan is read by a board-certified, fellowship-trained cardiologist who also reviews the health profile and test results to provide a detailed report.

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