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Wellspring: A Special Family That Cares

Click here to watch a video about Wellspring.

The Wellspring Respite Day Center group becomes like a family. Guests as well as volunteers look forward to sharing time and notice if someone is missing. There is excitement when the missing one returns. It is a joy to hear a guest with limited verbal capabilities join in the group singing or watch another one with limited motor capacities play the piano during music time. These dear ones grin with delight to be able to participate. And their families are amazed when told of these accomplishments.

Carolyn Betlinski, Wellspring Nurse, shared, “One guest related that at Wellspring she feels loved and accepted. It is the one day of the week she does not feel like a burden to her family. When she is not able to come, she knows that we are praying for her and that we miss her. That really makes her feel special.”