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Weekend Warrior Wellness

Adventist Health Aspire Orthopedic Institute

Weekend warrior wellness infographic

In the spring, we jump from our winter couches and throw ourselves into a fever of activities–it’s no wonder “weekend warriors” end up waking up sore and injured come Monday.

Four Ways to Prevent a Painful Monday

  • Warm Up Dynamically – Take your body through a progressively greater range of motion by using momentum of the body.
  • Get Specific – Do drills during the week that prepare your body, mind and nervous system for your specific weekend plans.
  • Balance – Balance and agility activities like standing on one leg or doing yoga will help you prepare for the court, the field or the backyard.
  • Cool Off – Lower your activity level so your heartrate can return slowly to normal before moving into light stretching.

What to Do When the Weekend Hurts

Minor Injury – Ice & Heat. First 48–72 hours: Ice reduces pain and swelling. After 72 hours: Heat increases circulation.

Serious Injury – Call Us. If you have a fracture or instability or your minor injury has not healed, call Adventist Health’s Aspire Orthopedic Institute at (503) 261-6961.