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Rideout Names Gino Patrizio, Current COO, Incoming CEO As Hospital Continues to Reach New Heights

Rideout Press Releases

September 3, 2015 – MARYSVILLE, CA – After a nationwide search to identify a new CEO, Rideout Health determined that the candidate best suited to lead the surging organization was in its office all along.

Rideout's Board of Directors officially extended an offer to Gino Patrizio, the organization's current Chief Operating Officer, to take on the responsibility of leading the organization, and he graciously accepted with great enthusiasm.

The effort to identify a new CEO was an exhaustive one. The organization reviewed many resumes, interviewed a number of candidates, and recently came very close to filling the position with a highly qualified candidate.

But during the process, Rideout's senior leadership and members of its Board of Directors had the opportunity to witness Gino Patrizio's success in helping lead the organization through difficult and complex challenges. Mr. Patrizio quickly gained the respect of his colleagues, performed admirably in his role, and was instrumental in helping Rideout meet its objectives in such a pivotal year in the organization's history. In addition, Mr. Patrizio's character and work ethic have helped bring much needed stability to the organization during a very tumultuous time.

These characteristics – coupled with Mr. Patrizio's natural ability to lead and unite Rideout's staff – helped the organization's senior leadership and board recognize that Mr. Patrizio is the best-suited and best-qualified person to lead Rideout into the future.

"Sometimes, what you've got at home is the best you could ask for," said John Wright, Chairman of the Rideout Health Board of Directors. "It just takes some looking around to recognize it. Gino has been instrumental in helping 'right the ship' and create much-needed stability at Rideout. He embodies our mission and spirit, and we have every confidence in the world that he will lead our organization successfully into the future."

"I am humbled by the organization's confidence in me," said Mr. Patrizio. "Rideout is a real family. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a group of such dedicated, giving people. The work we have done together to address Rideout's challenges over the last year has been the most fulfilling of my career. I am eager to continue to help navigate this wonderful organization toward a bright future that allows us to provide the best healthcare possible for our community."

Rideout's current Interim CEO, Robert Chason, who helped the organization emerge through its challenges during the course of the last year, will remain in his current role as Mr. Patrizio begins to transition into his new role as Assistant CEO immediately and permanent CEO later in the fall. Mr. Chason will then stay on as a special liaison for a time to assist Mr. Patrizio as necessary.

"Rideout has a very bright future ahead," said Mr. Chason. "We have done the hard work necessary to improve our quality, restore our compliance, and build a sustainable future. That work would not have been successful without Gino's leadership. I'm thrilled he has agreed to lead our organization, and am looking forward to working closely with him to help him hit the ground running."

Rideout continues to focus its long-term planning to position itself as a regional medical center. Mr. Chason's presence will be especially important given his expertise in creating partnerships and joint ventures, and his relationships with other hospitals and health systems.

Rideout has several significant initiatives already planned for the remainder of the year, including a Facilities Master Plan and regional partnerships that will continue to propel Rideout forward in quality and capability. And last, the completion of Rideout's 220,000 square-foot campus expansion will mark another major milestone for the organization.