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Family Medicine Physician: "God Honored My Childhood Wish"


SELMA – Dr. Esterlita Fiel-Quinones is caring for patients at Adventist Health / Community Care – Selma. The board-certified family medicine physician praises God for honoring her childhood wish to become a doctor.

“When I was 9 years old and growing up in the Philippines, my father was hospitalized several times for a bleeding ulcer,” she says. “On his last hospitalization, we could not afford to pay for his surgery, so he ended up dying. I told myself I would become a doctor so I could treat patients for free.”

Fiel-Quinones says God prepared the way for her to become a doctor. She received a scholarship to attend high school and college, with free room and board and a monthly allowance. During her first year in college, she joined a missionary group that provided free medical and surgical services in remote areas of the Philippines. After college, the leader of the missionary group, a female surgeon, sponsored Fiel-Quinones’ full tuition fee at Mathias H. Aznar College of Medicine Southwestern University in Cebu City, Philippines.

“She told me, ‘God gives us money not to keep to ourselves, but to be used to bless others. Today, this money is in my hand. I am passing it to you, hoping that one day, you will pass it on to someone else,’” says Dr. Fiel-Quinones.

After medical school, she trained in obstetrics and gynecology. Following her residency, she accepted the call to become a missionary OB-GYN in British Guyana. Wanting to do more, Dr. Fiel-Quinones came to the United States to complete her family medicine residency. She needed money to pay for the exams, so she went back home to the Philippines and completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing, then returned to the U.S., where she worked as a nurse while studying for the exams. With God’s help, she says, she passed all the exams and was accepted into a very competitive family medicine residency program at Riverside County Regional Medical Center.

“God has been faithful. I cannot thank Him enough,” she says.

Dr. Fiel-Quinones continues her missionary endeavors in the Philippines. She says she’s forwarding “God’s blessings” by helping poor relatives and other deserving students in their high school and college education.

She receives great satisfaction in serving people who have limited access to health care, not only as an instrument for healing, but to guide each patient toward a better way of living.

Dr. Fiel-Quinones speaks fluent English and Tagalog.

She may be reached at AHCC – Selma, 1041 Rose Ave., with a phone number of (559) 856-6090.