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Windy City blows in Allergist to Ukiah Just in Time for Fall

News UKIAH, CA – Ahh, fall is almost here. It means cooler temperatures, perfect for walks in the neighborhood, doing some gardening or just time spending time outdoors. But that “aaah”, can turn into “ah-choos” pretty quickly, if you’re one of the 36 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. 

Thankfully, there’s an allergy specialist right here in Ukiah. Jewmaull Reed, MD, allergist and immunologist, is now seeing patients at Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center. Dr. Reed says what attracted him the most to Ukiah was the small-town feel, “Ukiah provided an opportunity to practice allergy and clinical immunology in a close-knit community setting while still being in close proximity to large academic centers. It’s having the best of both worlds.” 

Dr. Reed comes from Chicago Illinois, where he completed his fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. 
As an allergist and immunologist, Dr. Reed specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of conditions, including but not limited to allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis, asthma, chronic hives, drug allergy, food allergy, stinging insect allergy, eosinophilic disorders, mast cell disorders and chronic immune deficiencies. He also sees patients for celiac disease and food sensitivities. 

When asked why he chose to specialize in allergy and immunology, Dr. Reed says he likes the complexity of the field. “Allergy is the study of the root cause of most diseases or imbalances that we as humans suffer from. In the end it comes down to what the cells are saying to each other and how this communication is modulated. I also like to work with patients individually, taking into consideration all of the medical and social factors that make them unique to make sure they get the best possible outcome.”

Dr. Reed also has a special interest in urticaria, more commonly known as hives. “There are those itches that are annoying. And then there are those that are more complicated, and getting a diagnosis can take a while and be even more frustrating for the patient,” he explains. “It’s rewarding to be able to help patients find the answers and give them relief once and for all.” 

Having lived in the city for a while, Dr. Reed is excited to be in a rural setting, “Ukiah is a breath of fresh air to me. Having all this beauty to work in; it’s just amazing and inspiring. And I’m excited to work in such a great community and to really get to know my patients.”

Dr. Reed is working alongside long-time physician Dr. Robert Calson, who has served the community for almost 40 years. “It is a great opportunity to work with such an experienced physician, especially someone who is the trailblazer for our field. I am excited to learn from him,” shares Dr. Reed. 

When he’s not busy taking care of patients, Dr. Reed enjoys cooking, practicing Tae Kwon do, exercising, hiking, and writing short stories.
Dr. Reed is welcoming new patients at Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center, 260 Hospital Drive, Suite 103 in Ukiah.  To schedule an appointment please call (707) 463-7490.

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