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Manuel Corral: A Champion for Our Newborns

Awards & Recognition

Filling out the Newborn Screening Test Request Form (TRF) is like running through a maze, one wrong turn, one missed or incomplete field can often lead to a dead-end – rather a TRF with one too many discrepancies. That is, until Manuel Corral, NICU Unit Secretary, came to the rescue. He ingeniously created a template to be placed over the TRF to show the fields that need to be completed, giving nurses instant visual cues as to which, if any, blank field needed to be filled out prior to sending a specimen to the lab. For the past three Hospital Proficiency Profile (HEPP) reports, shaded areas have decreased between 40 – 60% in NICU by using Corrall’s new method. Awesome work, Manuel!

“Don’t ask what the hospital can do for you,” says Manuel, paraphrasing President Kennedy. “Ask what you can do for your hospital.” But he’s not done yet. “Stay tuned,” he says, “because I’ll be bringing out more solutions, soon!”

Manuel’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His innovative efforts were recently featured in the Spring 2015 edition of the California Newborn Screening Program’s newsletter.

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