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Celebration of Life Butterfly Release


HANFORD – Families and friends are invited to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed by releasing a butterfly into the air.

The 6th annual Celebration of Life Butterfly Release is hosted by Adventist Health Hospice and Adventist Health Volunteer Resources. This year, the celebration is at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 2, at the beautiful home of John and Victoria Tos, 5081 15 ½ Ave. northwest of Hanford.

During the ceremony, a member of your family will have the opportunity to read a favorite memory of a loved one they’re honoring. After the memories have been shared, the Monarch butterflies will be released as a way to celebrate life, love and hope.

If you would like to release a butterfly at the celebration, please reserve your butterfly by calling (559) 537-2740 before Thursday, April 30. Butterflies are $15 each. All donations will benefit future hospice patients and their families during.

Adventist Health Hospice is dedicated to providing rest for the weary by helping patients spend their last days at home, free of pain and surrounded by their loved ones. To learn more about Adventist Health Hospice, please visit: