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White Memorial ICU Nurse, Aaron, RN, CCRN featured in Working Nurse Magazine!

Awards & Recognition

The Brotherhood of Nursing

One of the unique aspects of nursing is its remarkable diversity of specialization and career options. No less diverse are the men who have chosen to join the profession. There is no “typical male nurse,” whether in role, education or background. As we see in this article, men work in every conceivable nursing area, from the emergency department to flight nursing to patient education to the PICU...


Intensive Care Unit

White Memorial Medical Center

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Aaron Beltran feels it is an honor to serve the community through his work. 

What do you love most about nursing?

Unlike any other profession, nursing allows you to build relationships with people when they are most in need of help. The dynamic of that relationship is truly unique and leads to interactions that are genuinely sincere. The “thank yous” I receive while performing my duties as a nurse have been the most heart-swelling and humbling experiences of my life. 

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