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GAMC Receives Chest Pain Center Accreditation

Heart Health

Time is critical for anyone experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack. Every minute that passes without treatment can mean the difference between full recovery and permanent disability or death. The accreditation process ensures that patients who arrive at the hospital complaining of chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack receive the treatment necessary during the critical window of time when the heart muscle can be preserved.

SCPC’s goal is to significantly reduce the mortality rate of these patients by teaching the public to recognize and react to the early symptoms of a possible heart attack, reduce the time that it takes to receive treatment, and increase the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment.

“We are extremely proud of this accreditation. As one of the leading hospitals in the San Fernando Valley, we are committed to improving our cardiac care by being the only hospital in the area to have a certified stroke center and accredited chest pain center,” said Karen Brandt, Vice President of Ancillary Services at GAMC. “With the organized response between paramedics and our hospital, we are providing a higher level of excellence in service for our community.”

The Accredited Chest Pain Center at GAMC has demonstrated its expertise and commitment to quality patient care by meeting or exceeding a wide set of stringent criteria and undergoing an onsite review by a team of SPCP’s accreditation review specialists.

Key areas in which an Accredited Chest Pain Center must demonstrate expertise include the following:

  • Integrating the emergency department with the local emergency medical system
  • Assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients quickly
  • Effectively treating patients with low risk for acute coronary syndrome and no assignable cause for their symptoms
  • Continually seeking to improve processes and procedures
  • Ensuring the competence and training of Accredited Chest Pain Center personnel
  • Maintaining organizational structure and commitment
  • Having a functional design that promotes optimal patient care
  • Supporting community outreach programs that educate the public to promptly seek medical care if they display symptoms of a possible heart attack

Glendale Adventist Medical Center Chest Pain Center encompasses the entire continuum of care for the heart patient and includes such focal points as dispatch, Emergency Medical System, emergency department and cardiac catheterization lab. GAMC is one of the few Chest Pain Centers in the area. For more information, call (818) 409-8100.

About the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care

The Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC) is an international not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming cardiovascular care by assisting facilities in their effort to create communities of excellence that bring together quality, cost and patient satisfaction. As the only cross-specialty organization, SCPC provides the support needed for individual hospitals and hospital systems to effectively bridge existing gaps in treatment by providing the tools, education and support necessary to successfully navigate the changing face of healthcare. For more information on SCPC, accreditation and certification opportunities, call toll free 1-(877)-271-4176.