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¡TU MUNDO HOY! PROGRAM – WEEK OF 12/15 – 12/19

Be sure to tune into KJLA Channel 57 this week for the following interviews and topics with our doctors!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Aaron Beltran — "El Derrame Cerebral" / “Brain Hemorrhage / Stroke” 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Dr. Brian Johnston  — "Como La Tecnología Ha Mejorado La Atención En Las Salas De Urgencia" / “How Technology Has Improved Emergency Room Care”

Wednesday,  December 17, 2014


Rina Cruz — "Lo Que Debe Saber Del Plan Cal MediConnect” / “What You Should Know About Cal MediConnect”

Thursday,  December 18, 2014


Dr Rahul Dwan — "Los Beneficios De La Vitamina De" / “The Benefits of Vitamin D”

Friday,  December 19, 2014


John Alejandro  & Ricardo Morales — "Enfermeros De Programa Versant Misioneros En México" / “Versant Nurses and their Mission to Mexico”