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Center for Pain Relief Reduced Pain and Improved Quality of Life

Pain Management

For the past 10 years Timothy Johnson has been in physical pain – pain that has been debilitating and left him bedridden at times. “It was frustrating and depressing,” reflects Timothy as he shares his experience both prior to and post treatment at the Center for Pain Relief at Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center (UVRHC).

“Traveling more than 60 miles from my home in Covelo was a challenge, but I was willing to make the journey,” continued Timothy.

Timothy was seen and treated by Interventional Pain Specialist, Michael Young, D.O., at the UVRHC. “Timothy has been on a remarkable journey. When he first presented at the Center for Pain Relief, he was on high doses of medication to help manage his pain, he wasn’t able to walk, and spent most of his days in bed. Upon his initial assessment I created a treatment plan that would help improve Timothy’s quality of life and hopefully reduce his pain. I worked with Timothy to help manage his medications and prescribed treatments that would reduce his lower back and hip pain,” shared Dr. Young.

Since his arrival at the Center for Pain Relief Timothy has undergone three different treatments: a Facet Injection, Radio Frequency Ablation, and a Bilateral SI Joint Injection. These treatments, along with medication management, have helped reduce his pain and improve his quality of life. Dr. Young continued, “Timothy has responded exceptionally well to the treatment methods and is a testimony that the right treatments can make all the difference in helping reduce someone’s pain.”

The Center for Pain Relief takes a wholistic approach to pain management by educating patients to help them understand their pain from a psychological and a physical perspective. They also include elements of physical activity and nutrition to treat patients.

According to Timothy, he feels Dr. Young gave him a second chance in life. “I’m 100 percent better today than where I had been. Now I understand more about my pain and how to manage it. Dr. Young also took the time to listen to me and hear what my experience was like. Not all doctors take the time to do that. Truthfully, with my treatments I felt better overnight!”

The Center for Pain Relief is comprised of Dr. Young, Rachel Chavez, Physician Assistant, and Rigpa Shunya, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The Center is located at Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center at 260 Hospital Drive, Suite 107 in Ukiah. For more information on types of pain treated and treatment methods, please call (707)-463-8003 or visit online at

(Pictured: Timothy Johnson has a life renewed thanks to the expert care he has received by Dr. Michael Young and team at the Center for Pain Relief at the Ukiah Valley Rural Health Center.)