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November is National Home Care & Hospice Month


More than 11 million Americans receive home-delivered health care from home care providers. In their honor, Adventist Health/Home Care and Hospice Services joins the National Association for Home Care & Hospice in celebrating November as National Home Care Month.

This month we honor caregiving heroes and the special relationships they share with their patients and the families that they help. Among the workers being honored for making a remarkable difference in the lives of their patients are health care administrators, nurses, clinicians, therapists, aides, and companions.

Home care is not just for the elderly, but has comparable importance to young and middle-aged Americans -- especially chronically ill and disabled children. Through home care and hospice services, Adventist Health strives to support these caregivers and the families they work with by providing clear information and education regarding disease process and progression, symptoms, comfort, medications, functional abilities and goals, and what to do in the event of a change in condition.

"Home care is an important piece of health care for millions of Americans, as they go through their lives," said Stan Berry, Vice President, Adventist Health and CEO Adventist Health/Home Care Services. "Let us take time to recognize our dedicated and caring healthcare professionals during this special month."

In 2012, Adventist Health/Home Care & Hospice Services’ 14 Home Health and seven Hospices touched the lives of nearly 20,000 patients with more than 269,000 home visits. For more information, visit Adventist Health/Home Care & Hospice Services