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SJCH brings national health crisis info to area schools

Health Alert A new study has found that the U.S. ranks worst among other high-income countries in terms of living to the age of one, five, and 50; obesity; diabetes, HIV and AIDS; poverty and multiple other health and well-being standards. Doug Duffield, president and CEO San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH) joins George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and the director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, on a 22-minute video on this subject.

This video entitled “Where We Stand” was created by the Committee for Citizen Awareness (CCA) and sponsored by SJCH. Through the sponsorship of SJCH, CCA recently distributed at no cost this video to all public and private high schools, community colleges and many libraries and chambers of commerce in the 23rd Congressional District of California. An additional version of this video highlighting the special health concerns of senior citizens will be made available to senior centers and assisted living facilitates.

“At San Joaquin Community Hospital, we believe it is important that our nation’s youth be engaged in our country and our global standing, as well as the governmental process and understand how that process impacts their health and well-being,” Duffield said. “That’s why we are excited to bring this award winning program to our local area.”

The “Where We Stand” DVD is one among a series of award-winning civic educational DVDs created by the Committee for Citizen Awareness. National dignitaries including Caroline Kennedy, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Majority Leader Bob Dole and Vice President Joe Biden also appear in the video series.

The Committee for Citizen Awareness (CCA) is a 28-year-old, non-profit, non-partisan, civic awareness organization devoted to educating young Americans about their government and encouraging them to embrace their civic responsibilities as citizens of our nation.