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Rideout Health History Display Documents Our Change

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The Yuba-Sutter region's rich and fascinating history includes Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville established in the early 1900s and Fremont Medical Center in Yuba City, to provide healthcare for our community.

Rideout Memorial Hospital was founded in 1907, by Phebe Dunning Rideout, in memorial to her husband Norman Dunning Rideout. Fremont Medical Center's beginnings can be traced to the 1920s.

As our communities evolved, decisive yet separate leadership directed the progress and operations of and Fremont and Rideout Hospitals.

In 1983, the management of the two hospitals determined that the healthcare needs of the people we serve would be better served and resources more efficiently managed by combining the hospitals to create a united healthcare system. United Communities Medical Services was formed.

The named change to Rideout Health in 1992. In August 2012, Rideout Health became Rideout Health. The name was selected after it was the clear winner in a series of community surveys conducted in late 2011; members of the public as well as physicians, donors, board members and elected officials were invited to weigh in.


On November 4th, we will begin the installation of our History Display at Rideout Memorial Hospital. The display begins in the front lobby – and winds around the corner and continues down a long hospital corridor – nearly 50 feet long.

After almost a year of researching, uncovering and sifting through piles of material from Rideout and Fremont files -- we selected information that best captured our rich heritage. The display shows various hospital historical documents, photographs, equipment and engaging "staff" photos from the early 1900s. It is created with more than 25 2'X4' panels – all under clear acrylic. The display depicts our transition beginning in 1907 through today – and gives a nod to our future.

This year, our hospital turns 106-years-old – not a milestone year like 100 or 125 – but still a good time to record our history in a way it has never been documented before.

A celebration of our History Wall will take place mid-November (date tbd). For more information call, Rideout Community Relations, 751-4280.