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Congratulations, BJ Jungling, TRMC 2013 Employee of the Year


People love to work with BJ Jungling (pictured at right in center) because she is always smiling. Her colleagues and coworkers will tell you that the first thing you notice about her is her smile, in fact, they have come to depend upon it; on the rare occasions that she is not smiling people stop her and ask what’s wrong? Is something the matter? Why aren’t you smiling?BJ is a full-time medical assistant in urgent care and a part-time EMT intermediate. “I came to the medical field through ambulance,” she said. She has worked for Tillamook Regional Medical Center for almost 14 years.

“I truly love my job,” she says. “I love the people, I love the patient contact; I love teaching people. I enjoy explaining things to people in a way that they can understand. You can totally help people in this job.”

As an EMT, BJ is particularly well suited for urgent care. “I can use my EMT skills and knowledge here; all three medical assistants in urgent care are EMTs, we have an awesome team. I know if I need help someone will be there in a heartbeat. And I am there for them. I love the whole clinic. This is a great place to work.

BJ grew up in Tillamook County, in Blaine. He and her husband live south of Tillamook with their 17 year-old daughter, Emilee, a junior at Tillamook High. Their 20 year-old son, Terence, is a fire fighter. BJ’s husband is a Deputy Sheriff. “My family is everything to me,” she says. “One thing that is really great about this job is that it supports me in my family life. I have a great shift; we all have kids, and we cover for each other so that we can get to our kids’ sports and activities. I can’t imagine not being able to go to the important events in my kids’ lives.”

Congratulations, BJ, and thanks for being a ray of sunshine in our midst, a rock for your coworkers and for providing compassionate, highly skilled care for our patients.