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Willits Couple Celebrates One Year in The Gym Program

Patient Stories


Date: August 28, 2013

Contact: Nick Bejarano
Regional Communications Manager

Willits, CA — On July 15, 2013 Bob and Della Bennett celebrated one year in The Gym Program, a part of Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation services department. The Gym Program, is an independent service offered to HMH patients that have been discharged from physical therapy but who want to continue making positive lifestyle changes. Former patients are given the opportunity to use the exercise equipment with minimal supervision.

According to Physical Therapist, Luis Pastor, “What makes the Bennett’s story so unique and inspiring is their support for one another. Both Bob and Della, had been seen and treated for orthopedic issues of their own, but they both had the willingness and drive to not only get themselves better but support each other along the way. They have been an inspiration to me and really to our whole team and our other patients – they’re our physical therapy ambassadors.”

The Bennett’s aren’t strangers to HMH. They have lived in the Willits community since the 1970’s and have appreciated the services provided throughout the years.

“When you go to HMH you’re treated like family and it’s so comforting to know so many of the staff by name,” shared Della. Most recently the Bennett’s had been treated for a knee replacement (Della), and shoulder strain (Bob). “To be perfectly honest,” said Bob, “Our experience with HMH through the whole experience was amazing. Della had a knee replacement with Dr. Bowen at the Orthopedic Joint Center, and I was seen for my shoulder,” at which point Della continued, “The joint center was wonderful, they treated me like family. A joint replacement is a major ordeal and the joint center helped me prepare emotionally and mentally. Physical therapy helped push me to reach my goals and helped my recovery stay on track. Bob and I are so grateful for the service we received that we just wanted to keep coming back. We’re grateful for the whole team at HMH and everything they’ve done for us throughout the years.”

HMH provides both in-patient and out-patient physical therapy services including; women’s specific therapy, sports rehabilitation, vestibular balance, speech pathology, and orthopedic rehabilitation. For more information on specific conditions treated and availability please contact (707)-459-4220.

The Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California is a service of HMH designed to effectively educate and rehabilitate patients receiving total joint replacement surgery. For more information on services offered please contact (707)-456-3180 or visit