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UVMC Appoints GI Testing Coordinator


“You need a good sense of humor when talking about GI,” says newly appointed Gastroenterology (GI) Coordinator, Michele Ford Barrera, LVN.

Barrera who accepted the position in August was selected for her vast knowledge of GI services and experience in working with our local GI specialists Harry B. Matossian, M.D., and Brian L. Hanson, M.D., shared UVMC Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Patient Care, Heather Van Housen. “Michele is helping to develop a more robust GI program at UVMC. Her knowledge and skill will be utilized in performing procedures, helping us acquire equipment and the supplies we need to provide advanced up-to-date services for the communities we serve,” continued Van Housen.

According to Barrera, “I have a great working relationship with the GI specialists, Drs. Hanson and Matossian and with the general surgeons that perform specialized GI procedures already. I look forward to working even more closely with them to ensure we’re providing our guests with the most excellent care possible.”

In addition to working with the physicians Barrera shared, “I will also be responsible for coordinating staff training on new technology and procedures, implementing infection control and performance improvement programs and coordinating and performing preventive maintenance on equipment.”

Most importantly, Barrera shared, “UVMC has the most advanced GI procedures available anywhere in Lake and Mendocino counties, so there is no need to travel further than UVMC.”